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We are UChicago Med-Peds

 We are a training program comprising 16 residents, eight preceptors, seven fellows, 14 additional faculty, and over 90 graduates, but we are also more than that – we are family. We know that picking your training family online during a pandemic is hard, so let us tell you a little more about ours.

Together at Work

while almost always socially distanced

Together Outside of Work

…particularly before COVID-19


Gender Identity: Female (37.5% Male)

By the Numbers

Current Residents

  • Asian-American 12.6% 12.6%
  • Asian-Indian 6.3% 6.3%
  • Black 18.8% 18.8%
  • Latinx 6.3% 6.3%
  • White 56.2% 56.2%


Sexual Orientation: Straight (6.7% Gay, 13.3% Bisexual)


Partner Status: Married (37.5% In a relationship, 25% Single, 6.3% Engaged)


Residents with children: 2 Residents


Residents with pets: 7 Residents

  • Age          26 years old: 1 resident
  • 28 years old: 3 residents
  • 29 years old: 2 residents
  • 30 years old: 5 residents
  • 31 years old: 1 resident
  • 32 years old: 1 resident
  • 33 years old: 2 residents
  • 36 years old: 1 resident
  • Years off before residency            Straight through: 2 residents
  • 1 year: 3 residents
  • 2 years: 4 residents
  • 3 years: 3 residents
  • 4 years: 2 residents
  • 5 years: 2 residents


Everyone else: California, Connecticut, DC, Denver CO, Indiana, Michigan, New Orleans LA, Oak Park IL, Park City UT, Seattle WA, Shelby NC, Tampa FL, Ghana

  • Midwest: 8 residents
  • Northeast: 3 residents
  • West: 3 residents
  • Southeast/South: 1 resident
  • Southwest: 1 resident
  • Big M Big P 31.3% 31.3%
  • Big M little p 56.3% 56.3%
  • Big P little m 12.5% 12.5%

What’s next?

What are residents doing (or planning to do) after residency.

Primary Care

Primary Care (3)
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Health Services Research

Combined Fellowship

Unknown (2)
Combined Hospitalist (2)
Combined Palliative Care
Combined Hematology/Oncology
Combined Infectious Diseases
Combined Endocrinology
Combined Pulmonology/Critical Care

Other Fellowship

Adolescent Hematology/Oncology (2)
Adult GI
Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Allergy and Immunology
Medical Education
Pediatric Hospitalist
Adult Hematology/Oncology (2)
Pediatric Critical Care/Combined ECMO

Robust Clinical Training, All at One Site

The majority of our training takes place at our adult and pediatrics hospitals on our Hyde Park campus. Many residents worry that this eliminates patient populations that you grew to love caring for in medical school, but most of our residents will tell you caring for patients with diagnostic quandaries, unique chemotherapeutic regimens, bread-and-butter complaints, or no insurance all on the same floor is actually a dream. 

What is your favorite thing about UChicago Med-Peds?

The degree of supervised autonomy and opportunity to grow

The people. Residency is intense and we spend a lot of time at the hospital. But having co-residents who always have my back, are willing to have tough conversations (with me and with patients), and who know how to make me laugh, really makes the program. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by a group of people who are passionate, kind and share so many of my values.

Wonderful colleagues and wonderful patients MedPeds here is a family

It’s a family and a home away from home!

The program leadership and the quality of attendings.

University of Chicago Med-Peds has everything: robust inpatient and specialist training, legit primary care training, ethics, Med Ed, policy, and healthy equity opportunities. You can focus on your passion and feel completely supported. And of course, it’s made up of the best humans in the world.

There are MP people everywhere you look at U of C. There are a lot of different role models who show you what your future can look like.

I love the focus on advocacy and health equity. I have been so impressed by the commitment of our residents and faculty to advocate for and work towards improving patient care.

The U of C Med Peds program is an incredibly supportive environment, a family, in which residents can really thrive. There is enough love and support that I felt empowered to take some academic risks, to dive into things, to take time for learning, and I knew that as long as I was doing my best for patients and caring for my co-residents, the MP family would help make sure everything worked out. The MP support is both interpersonal and structural. So yes, it’s “the people,” but it’s so much more than that. The program creates and fosters a culture of closeness, of interdependence, of love, of intellectual honesty, of curiosity, of humanity, and of integrity–and every faculty member and resident embraces that culture wholeheartedly.

Excellent training with great autonomy in medicine and Peds, plus a great outpatient clinic with independent patient panels, all with outstanding clinical role models and the funnest, smartest, most supportive group of co-residents anyone could ask for!

The overwhelming feeling of support.

The MP fam is like nothing else! Every time I see I’m gonna be on a team with a fellow med-peds friend I’m super pumped cause I know it’s gonna be fun and I’m gonna learn a ton.

The residents! They will be your best friends for life! A close second is our amazing, nice, approachable and super smart Med/peds faculty, who can be found throughout the hospital.

My co-residents. After leaving UC, I feel the lack of MP family in my life. I still get it every once in a while from the Legends chat or an update email, but I miss our conferences and retreats and just working with my fellow MP residents. As an extension of my MP family, I loved being part of a group actively engaged in working towards social justice. Lastly, my patients in PCG clinic were the best and have taught me more then they realize.

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